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We are pleased to be able to offer our customers good quality local TURF & ARTIFICAL GRASS.  All of our new lawns are rolled before laying the new turf to prevent a sponge effect when walking over.
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  • Hardwearing lawn
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  • Regular Mowing
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  • Watering New Laid Turf
  • Scarifying – Small/Medium Lawns
  • Lawn – Moss, Weed & Feed

It is essential that your new lawn turf should be kept moist during the first month especially the edges and therefore watering is often under estimated.

In mid-summer, it can take an hour for the water to soak an inch into the turf and it will need watering daily or in a heatwave twice a day.

Dried out turf looking yellow or has gaps between the strips shows a lack of water.

It is important to water either in the early morning or late evening to avoid scorching from the mid-day sun on the wet grass.

Do not walk on the lawn after you have watered as your feet will cause indentations in the soil below the turf and result in an uneven lawn after it has established


We would recommend you wait at least 6 months before you apply any chemical weed killers.

Our suppliers take great care in maintaining their turf fields to deliver the best quality turf with as few weeds as possible.


Mowing can begin after a month of growth from the newly laid turf or when the grass is 7-8cm long.

Set the mower to its highest setting.

Sharp blades on your mower are essential for the first cut to ensure the grass is not being pulled.

Do not cut the lawn below 5cm as the roots need the blades of grass to photosynthesise to promote healthy root growth.

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